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The cost of living is at a daunting high. In tandem, higher education comes with increasingly high risk and an increasingly high personal financial burden. 

Consequently, education beyond school has become increasingly commodified over the last fifteen years, if not across the industry, inside the mind of prospective students. For many, the purpose of higher education has now become about the outcome more so than the quality of the product (i.e. “will this help me land a job” over “Will this fulfil my desire to understand this subject matter”). Many educational institutions have leaned into this challenge by championing their post-graduate employability stats and providing increased career guidance. 

But there are more ways to frame outcomes as proof of quality in higher education marketing. Here is our collection based on a review of 25 British Univiercites Prospectuses. 

You don’t sell the steak; you sell the sizzle. 

Example of framing the outcome in the University of Kent 2023 Undergraduate Prospectus. 

Example of framing the outcome in the University of Kent 2023 Undergraduate Prospectus. 

Ways to Frame The Outcome of Higher Education in Marketing Materials

Alumni Success Stories

Highlight individual stories of alumni who have achieved notable success in their respective fields, showcasing the real-life impact of their education at the institution.

Industry Partnerships And Collaborations 

Emphasise the relationships the institution has built with leading companies and organisations, showcasing the variety of opportunities available to graduates for internships, co-ops, and post-graduate employment.

Networking Opportunities 

Highlight the institution’s strong alumni network and how it actively supports students in building professional connections that can lead to job opportunities and career growth.

Skills And Competencies Development

Focus on the tangible skills and competencies students acquire throughout their educational journey, which can be directly applied to their chosen careers.

Focusing on tangible hard skills by demonstrating exactly what the prospective learner will be able to do by the end of the course appears multiple times across prospectuses. 

Faculty Expertise And Research (For Those Interested In Acedimia)

Showcase faculty members’ expertise and research achievements, demonstrating how they contribute to a high-quality learning experience that prepares students for success in their fields.

Entrepreneurship And Innovation

Highlight any entrepreneurship programs or resources available to students, and emphasise how the institution encourages and supports innovative thinking and new venture creation.

The appeal to entrepreneurship seems to be increasingly in focus in 2023 prospectuses.

Social Impact And Community Engagement

Appealing to psychographic segments with virtuous intent by showcasing how the institution and its graduates contribute to society, highlighting community service initiatives, sustainability efforts, and other socially responsible projects.

Institutional Prowess 

For some institutions, it goes without saying that its mere appearance would be a CV headline. However, some of the inspected prospectuses openly highlight that employers prefer to hire from their institutions. In the case of one high-profile institution, they provide a statistic on the increased likelihood of being interviewed by a specific type of employer after graduation. 


The shift in higher education marketing strategies towards emphasising outcomes over experiences reflects the changing priorities of prospective students in an increasingly competitive job market. 

Educational institutions are responding to this demand by highlighting various aspects of their offerings that can lead to better career prospects and personal development. By showcasing alumni success stories, industry partnerships, networking opportunities, skills development, faculty expertise, entrepreneurship support, social impact, and institutional prowess, universities are adapting their messaging to resonate with students who are looking for more than just a traditional educational experience. 

As the landscape of higher education continues to evolve, it is essential for institutions to remain agile and innovative in their approach to attracting and engaging the next generation of learners.

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